Halo Fix-G Track Hub

An ever present headache with “normal fixed hubs” is the assembly of a drive cog that is attached by a thread being pulled in both directions by the pedal torque. Of course, the traditional solution to avoiding the cog unwinding itself from the hub in the reverse direction is a left hand threaded lockring, butted up tight against the cog. 

But, as many riders have found out, this historic system can be relatively volatile.

Halo thought… there has to be a better way:

A splined hub body (with cogs that slide on) and an independent lockring… that never has to handle rotational forces from the drive.

The Halo Fix-G hub features a fixed HG spline machined as part of the alloy main hub body*, with a conventional internal thread for a standard HG type lockring (with easy tool fittings).

+ options L/H side for conventional fixed or freewheel threads. 

Halo Fix-G advantages:

  • Easy and secure fixing & servicing.
  • Adjustable chainline, 42-52mm
  • Twin cog option (can run 2 cogs together.)
  • Accepts from 12T + cogs (for compact gearing).
  • No need for chainwhip tools.

Tech features:

  • Hi-polish custom CNC machined hub shell,
  • HG type fixed spline.
  • Japanese sealed bearings.
  • Hollow M10 Cr-Mo axle.
  • 120mm spacing.
  • 22mm “Large cone-faces” to avoid damage to frame. 
  • Supplied with cog spacers and alloy lockring.
  • Laser log
  • 32H, 36H or 48H
  • HG Fixed/Fixed or HG Fixed/Freewheel types.

*Note: Must ONLY ever be used with “7mm base Wide Foot” cogs (to avoid the cog biting into the alloy splines on the hub) such as:

Halo "Fat Foot" 1/8" cogs

Gusset “Double Six” 5/64" cogs 

Regular width HG cogs should NEVER be used. 

95.95 EUR